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Practice/Physician Name

Primary Office Contact


Business Address



State Zip



E-Mail Address

Do you currently process billing “In-House”               

How many employees do you employ to do billing?

What is the name of your current Medical software?

Do you submit claims electronically? 

Approx. how many Patient Statements do you send out each month?

**What are your average Monthly Charges?

**What are your average Monthly Collections?

What is your current outstanding Accounts Receivable?

**This information will allow us to give you a more accurate Quote, 
but is not necessary to obtain an estimated Quote.

Average number of Patients




Average number of NEW Patients seen weekly?


Do you have balances that are over 60 days, and have not been followed up on?

What percentage of you’re A/R would you say is over 90 days?

What is the worst problem that you experience in your practice with regards to billing? 

Is there something specific that your practice does with billing that you are pleased with, and would not want to change? 

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