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Frequently asked questions about outsourced billing to Healthcare Billing Services, inc.

Why should I outsource my billing to Healthcare Billing Services?

The answer is simple, it makes good financial sense. Medical practices are faced with the same rising costs that every other business must contend with taxes, benefits, absenteeism, vacation, sick leave and interrupted production. Healthcare Billing Services handles all your billing operations, allowing you to not only cut costs and improve productivity but, more importantly, to allow you to do what you have spent your life studying to do: focus your attention on caring for your patients instead of worrying if your charges are going out. Healthcare Billing Services takes on that worry so you donít have to.


How does our information get to Healthcare Billing Services?

Healthcare Billing Services will arrange to gather your information from your office in a manner that best suits your needs. We can arrange to pick up your data via route pick up, DHL delivery methods (which we will coordinate with your office at our expense) or by mail delivery or facsimile. We work with your office and your schedule to arrange the most efficient means of getting your information to us from your office.


What set up charges are involved in outsourcing my billing to Healthcare Billing Services?

Absolutely none. Healthcare Billing Services will set up your database with CPT codes, ICD-9 codes, CMS 1500 forms, insurance companies and addresses, provider numbers, UPIN numbers, NPI  numbers, and anything else needed to fulfill billing operations. All this is included in our service.


How long does it take for Healthcare Billing Services to set up my database and begin handling all my billing operations?

Healthcare Billing Services begins work immediately. You supply us with your CPT codes and charge amounts, your provider numbers, practice information and we begin to set up your database right away. The faster you get us the information, the faster we are sending out your claims. Healthcare Billing Services will file all the paperwork necessary to begin electronic filing to all payers on your behalf. This usually takes from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the payer. In the meantime, Healthcare Billing Services will file claims to paper so we can avoid any interruption in your revenue flow. After all, if you donít get paid then we donít get paid.


Does Healthcare Billing Services handle my checks and payments?

No. All of your payments will come directly to wherever they are coming now and will remain in your control. Healthcare Billing Services will post payments from copies of checks and EOBs that you supply to us so no one but you touches your money.


Are there any hidden or extra charges for Healthcare Billing Services to handle my account?

No. Healthcare Billing Services does not charge any hidden or extra fees to handle all aspects of your billing operations. We do not charge set up fees, route fees, postage fees, long distance fees, statement fees, electronic filing fees, or patient statement fees. You will be sent a monthly invoice for our services which is based on a percentage of revenue collected as outlined and agreed upon in our billing contract.


How are patient inquiries handled by Healthcare Billing Services?

Healthcare Billing Services handles all patient questions from our office. Your patients will be able to contact us directly with any questions or concerns that they may have regarding billing issues. Patients who contact your office should be directed to Healthcare Billing Services to address any of their billing questions or needs. Patients who contact our office with questions other than billing or account related issues will be courteously and professionally referred to your office with the contact information that you have provided to us.


How does Healthcare Billing Services handle delinquent accounts?

Healthcare Billing Services reviews all patient accounts monthly to be sure they are up to date. If Healthcare Billing Services identifies delinquent accounts or accounts that have violated payment arrangements we will forward a list of those patients to your office for review and decision. Healthcare Billing Services will never release an account to any outside collection agency without your approval. These are your patients and you make the decisions. Healthcare Billing Services will never take any action to upset or alienate any of your patients. Remember Healthcare Billing Services works for you not the other way around.


How does Healthcare Billing Services handle follow up on my accounts receivable?

Healthcare Billing Services takes a proactive and multi-faceted approach addressing your outstanding accounts receivable. We know that sometimes even clean claims will be denied by payers for a variety of reasons. Healthcare Billing Services will review all outgoing claims for accuracy of patient demographics, insurance information, and CPT and ICD-9 codes. We review electronic batch reports daily for accepted batches and individual claim acceptance reports. Healthcare Billing Services will work denials as soon as they come in for faster responses from payers. Healthcare Billing Services will run monthly aging reports for primary, secondary, and tertiary claims still outstanding to make sure that your revenue is at its highest level possible. Healthcare Billing Services will make sure that your money is in your bank account and not sitting on a report.


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